About us

More than 200 sessions a year – 25 years experience in live shows and educational pedagogy – 10 years of existence – Sound and light equipment up to 1000 people – Drums for more than thousands of people– 15 coach as a team to your disposal...
Our mission: be acting for a beautiful World!
  • Our promise: put shinning stars in participant’s eyes!
  • Our Strength: twenty-five years over experience and passion.
  • Our experience: high quality and level of requirement for a constant renewal!
  • Our motivation: take care of you!

« Music is universal. For centuries, music belongs to everybody on earth, and makes all the people get unified. Beyond cultural, religion and social differences, music makes human beings get together, and can be considered, as an universal mediator.
Language of peace, and defined inside a constructive action plan, music would help everybody on earth! »

P. Bihannic  - Creation & management


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